Kings Court Chambers Review: Why are UK Visa Refusals Increasing?

Kings Court Chambers, a leading UK immigration law firm, examines the facts behind increasing UK Visa refusals and asks whether the reasons behind refusal decisions are legitimate.

Figures released in December 2012, by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), revealed that 70% of UK Visa applications are currently being rejected. In carrying out a closer review of the research conducted by the IPPR, Kings Court Chambers uncovered that some of the reasons for refusal were ‘questionable’.

In recent times the UK Border Agency has been accused of unfairly refusing a number of Visa applications from nationals of certain countries. Perhaps the most recent case involves UKBA staff wrongly refusing UK Visas for African nationals.


The most prominent factor behind increased refusal decisions, according to critics, comes as result of the current Coalition Government, and an election pledge to reduce UK Immigration numbers from the ‘hundreds of thousands’ to the ‘tens of thousands’ by the time the next general election came around in 2015.

Prime Minister, David Cameron, has been highly vocal on the subject of mass UK Immigration and primarily his objective is to reduce immigration to the UK. In order to stick to the Coalition’s pledge, Mr Cameron has instructed a complete overhaul of the UK Immigration system, encouraging tighter restrictions on a number of visa routes and penalising applicants for the most minor of errors on visa application forms.

A statement from Kings Court Chambers said: “It comes as no surprise that UK Visa rejections have increased significantly under the current Coalition Government. This is in stark contrast to the previous Labour Government. Our firm has experienced an increased demand for our services as people fear getting their applications wrong.”

Critics argue that the substantial increase in visa refusals is simply the Government’s attempt to meet its pledge target. The Government is apparently justifying visa refusals by claiming that their actions are a ‘response to the will of the British people’. But what of those British citizens are looking to bring family into the UK on legitimate grounds? Critics say ‘are they not entitled to the right to be with their loved ones given that they are British?’

One of the visa routes hit hardest by increased refusals is the family visa route. New income thresholds and other outrageous restrictions have contributed to families in the UK being torn apart as certain family members do not meet the criteria for a visa.

Overseas students have also been hit hard and despite Government attempts to soothe the situation with overseas students and the visa system, many foreign students say that they don’t feel welcome they just feel like they’re being bribed to come to Britain in order to boost its floundering economy.

Some student union groups say that ‘the Government simply wants our money, before chewing us up and spitting us out without offering us any prospects to remain in the country.’

However, the increase in visa refusals cannot be blamed solely on the current Government. The UK Border Agency has played its part with staff members incorrectly refusing visa applications due to employees disregarding or misinterpreting valid evidence.

In the case involving African nationals, an inspection carried out by the UK Immigration Chief Inspector, John Vine, he uncovered that some applicants were being refused for failing to provide information that had not been originally requested.

Basic errors such as this mean that applications end up rejected and whilst it’s all in a day’s work for the UKBA, such decisions have a severe impact on the lives of many individuals and families.

A Kings Court Chambers spokesperson said: “Our service offers a professional visa application service, whereby a leading UK Immigration Barrister personally handles the application process on behalf of the client. This involves completing the visa application form, making themselves available 24/7 and handling all the legal aspects of their case.”

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The head Barrister at Kings Court Chambers said: “Whilst the number of UK Visa refusals continues to increase, our service is on hand to provide guidance and moral support in order to reverse the culture of refusing visas at a whim. We are determined to succeed on behalf of our clients and will continue to review our services to ensure customer satisfaction.”

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